Tuesday, October 14, 2008

frugal yvett

Fugal? Me? Really? That's not a way I've ever really been described, but I have to admit I am super proud of myself. So, everyone is talking about the economy. A lot of people are worried and/or in trouble. I'm happy and grateful to say that we are doing well. Still, just because we're fine doesn't mean that I should pay attention, right? For a while now, we've been cutting back on going out to eat. We used to go out every single weekend. We still go but now we're paying attention to where we go. Lots of places are having deals in order to get people to still come. Places are having kids eat free promos or dinner for the price of lunch. I'm surprised at how many deals I've found. You just have to look. Don't you love google?
Another thing I made a point to save money on is the the Halloween costumes. Alec will wear his costumes until they tear. He LOVES playing dress-up, but Brianna wears it once and that's it. Plus hers are usually the ones that are more expensive. Back when she had to be a princess each year, I was paying like $60 for the dress, shoes and accessories. This year her entire costume is going to be less than $5 (pink leggings and turtleneck that she already had, a pair of pink socks for $1, pink nylon netting for 90 cents a yard, a wire hanger that they gave me at the dry cleaners and a collar we bought from a Halloween store for $2). Alec's costume was less than that (white shirt and pants he already had, black felt sheet for 25 cents, a foam visor for $1 and black foam for the ears). I know I've said it before, but they're going to be a Pink poodle and a Dalmatian.
This past week, I caught a segment about a lady that saves a lot by clipping coupons. I'd never been a coupon person before, but her savings were impressive. I found out about doubling and tripling at my grocery store. We bought the Sunday paper, made an extensive list (this took about 40 minutes) and went shopping on a mission. We saved . . . . . drumroll please . . . . $75.58. Yes, $75.58! I couldn't believe it. I'm am converted for sure.
I really hope to keep this up. It's a good deal regardless of how the economy is.

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Jesser said...

No matter how the economy is, it is always a good idea to spend your $$ wisely. But of course I never use coupons ... laziness and lack of time I guess. Can't wait to see photos of the kiddies in their halloween costumes.