Wednesday, November 12, 2008

catching up with yvett . . . . mode

It's been so long that I don't even know when to start.

- I have 18 drafts of emails I started and have never sent. I've you've sent me in an email in the last two months or so and are expecting a reply, it's coming. Slow and steady.

- Brianna's Halloween party went off without a hitch. The food was all up to their gross standards. I haven't even uploaded the pictures, but you'll see when I do.

- The election. Ah, the election. That day I was helping out at the kids' school. They had a mock election there. The person who didn't win in the national election won at the school. What I found interesting, though (and by "interesting" I mean sad) was the things the kids were saying about Mr. B.O. It was unbelievable! I mean, Alec is in kindergarten and they already had things to say. Obviously it was from hearing the parents but I think it was a little extreme. Things like "my daddy says Ob@ma wants to come and steal our money". To which I thought, "yeah, your non-existent money". Another little boy was saying that his dad said he wanted to "beat him up". Alec was telling them that they couldn't beat up a president because then they'd go to "jails". I felt uber proud. Brianna's class had their own voter cards and were asked for them at random. They read up on both candidates' biographies and on some of their stances on issues. I nearly laughed out loud when one kid said that Ob@ma would raise every one's taxes. The teacher then asked "And just what are taxes?" Of course he didn't know.
That night I let the kids stay up late. I can't imagine them as adults thinking about this election knowing that mom made them go to bed. We were all awake watching. When the announcement came, I started sobbing. So that's where I was . . . on my couch with Rodrigo and the kids, all of us in pajamas. I called my grandma shortly after the announcement and she was crying too. I cried again the next day and still get a little teary once in a while.

- Since I'd been glued to the TV, the house was starting to look a little, uh, dirty. I spent a few days doing all the stuff I'd been neglecting and I feel a whole lot better. I'm sure my family does too.

- While putting away all the Halloween decor, I really considered just skipping the Thanksgiving stuff and decorating for Christmas early. Lots of families have their tree up by Thanksgiving, right? I really, really thought about it and almost did it, but I'm just not in the mood yet. It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit with these Arizona temperatures. Sandals and Santas don't make a good mix. You know on Halloween night we were in the 90's (temps). Seriously. We've only been in the 80's these past few days, but still it's no hazy shade of winter around here.

- I miss reading blogs. I'm about to do that now. . . . . . .

feeling: -sigh- good to be back
listening to: Depeche Mode (Blasphemous Rumours) <-- hence the post title


Anonymous said...

Yeah election night was pretty neat.


Jodi said...

I'm still reeling from the election. I was a basket case that day and just cried & cried during the speech. I keep having dreams about the Obama family too. Obsess much?

It's one thing for little kids to repeat what they hear. My neice is a freshman in high school in Ohio and told me what some kids there were saying. It was nasty and scary.

Bailey said...

Glad you're back. Hey and quit "bragging" about the weather down there, two days ago I was driving in a total white out and could not make out a single lane on a 5-lane highway.

Jesser said...

It has been a while! I was wondering about you the other day. Glad you're back. ;)

Michelle said...

OMG Yvett! You're ALIVE! Glad to see the updates.