Monday, December 08, 2008

yvett the blog slacker

Yes, I've been a total blog slacker. I haven't updated nor even checked in on other blog pages. (Well, other than ljc for gift ideas.) I'm in kind of an ornery mood right now which might not be the best time to be posting, but here it is anyway. I give you a list of things that are bothering me right now. . . . .

- Alec's toe. WTF? Even with reinforced toes in his socks, he somehow manages to make a hole in one of them. His big toe is always sticking out. Does my son have freakishly pointy toes or what?

- That the new Harry Potter movie isn't out yet. Yes, I get mad when I think that I could have already seen it.

- People who are still parading around wearing shorts. I get it; we live in Arizona and it's warm here. Only it's not that warm. Unless you're here visiting from like Wisconsin or something, stop it. Please.

- Brianna's little Santa scheme: She and her little friends have decided to test the whole Santa theory. They've decided to not tell any of their parents what they want for Christmas. If Santa is real, then he'll know without the parents having to know. Great. She won't budge either. I'm this close to just telling her the truth and saying "there now, so now what do you want?"

Hmm. . . I knew there were more things only I can't remember anymore. I'm not as ornery as I was. I made myself laugh by talking like snagglepuss . . . . I'm immature even . . . . exit stage left.

feeling: in a better mood
listening to: Rivers Cuomo (I Was Scared)


Nanette said...

Brianna's scheme? BRILLIANT!

Jesser said...

What a crackup. My parents always told me that Santa stopped bringing gifts when I stopped believing ... that kept the charade up for a good long while. ;)

Jodi said...

Nanette says "brilliant" now to Brianna's scheme, but wait until Em is older and doing the same thing!

I have the opposite clothing peeve. It drives me nuts that when it gets to 65 here, people break out parkas, hats, scarves, gloves. Come on!

foodiechickie said...

Sorry about the grumps.

I think Brianna is gonna end up knowing about Santa this year.

And I hate that SNL "skit".

Michelle said...

So, how cold does it have to be to make shorts inappropriate? If it's at least 60 degrees here in the Pacific NW, you're bound to see someone wearing shorts. 50 degrees, even.