Tuesday, April 21, 2009

books, books, books

There's no point in telling you what I've been up to. It's always the same thing . . . . the kids. Right now I want to tell you that it finally happened. I want to read the books that Brianna reads. Ugh, I feel so old. I thought some of the collections she's read and told me about are cute, like this one. Then she read this book. I seriously had to ask her to stop telling about it, because it sounded so interesting, I didn't want to know the end. Now, she's onto
this series and it sounds alright too. She's currently reading Alicia. This isn't a series I would've picked, but she and all her friends are into it, so you know how that goes.
Here's the thing, she asked if she could borrow my Twilight series and also wants to read The Uglies series. I think she's a bit too young for those, though. I haven't read any of The Uglies. Are they good? I definitely have to read them now to see if they're appropriate for her to read. As for Twilight, well a lot of her friends have older brothers and sisters and know all about the story. The kids are "playing" Twilight at recess. They pick an Edward and argue about who will be Bella. -sigh-.
Seriously, didn't Brianna just start kindergarten? How is she 10 years old so fast? I'm not ready.

feeling: old
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Jesser said...

Ever played Sims 2? I love it how you can pause your characters at any age and play them like that FOREVER. It is so nice. Wish we could manipulate time like that. It all goes toooo fast!!!

foodiechickie said...

I know it's only been a year for me but it went by so fast.