Monday, May 04, 2009

do i look?

I have a two story house. My loft is on the second floor. This is where we have our desk, computer, bookcase and a loveseat. This is where I am now. I'm in here often. To the left of me is a window. In the morning, I open the blinds and the window. If I look out, I can see into my neighbors' yards. It's not that I stand there and look out . . . but. I have a neighbor lady that hangs out in her backyard to smoke and talk on the phone. She pretty much does that every day. The times that I'm at the computer and she's on the phone usually coincide. I think nothing of it. Now she's doing this topless. That's right, topless. I was opening the blinds and you know when you kind of get a glimpse of something then realize what you saw and do a double-take. That was me. I feel like an idiot because I think she saw me. She had to have seen the blinds open at the very least. Now, I'm not a smoker, but is that something that should be done topless? She's not a young lady, either, so I wonder why she cares so much about having a nice tan. Or why she's outside topless in the first place. Now, I know I should just shrug this off, but I kept thinking about it and it started bothering me. Part of what was bothering me was the fact that it was bothering me. My mind starts going off.
-What if she needs some sort of phototherapy and has to be out there?
-But what if Alec was up here, why should my child be exposed to her naked chest?
-She's in the privacy of her own home and probably expects privacy.
-Wait, she's not inside.
-She's still on her property, though.
-But she knows she can be seen from my house as well as another two-story neighbor.
-WTF? That other house has a boy Brianna's age. Inappropriate.
-Maybe she wants attention. She knows men live in these houses too.

I don't know. I feel like I'm being mega unsophisticated. Then again, we live in the middle of the freaking desert not on some European beach. -sigh- But, really, there's nothing to do. If she wants to be out there like that, she will be. It's up to the rest of the us to not look and/or shield or children if we want to. All I can do is completely forget what I was going to blog about and write about her instead. -insert evil grin and a cackle here-

feeling: missing Rodrigo (he's in the northeast again for business)
listening to: Muse (Starlight)


foodiechickie said...

I would have the same thought process. LOL!

Michelle said...

Some people just want to be seen, and I think that is your neighbor. They want to be seen and they don't care by whom. Funny that you thought of her safety of smoking while naked. LOL.

Jesser said...

Hehehehe. This is such a crack-up.