Thursday, May 07, 2009

TV Talk

Let's talk about what I'm watching, yes?

- The Amazing Race: Good. I'm really going for the brother & sister team. I'd have been disappointed if they weren't in the final.

- The Celebrity Apprentice: I was pretty mad. It's obvious that the two finalists were picked for ratings. That way every one will watch to see if there' a fight. I wasn't a Jesse James fan before. Well, I didn't know much about him. I think he's smart and should have been in the top two. I don't care who wins now.

- House: I haven't seen this last one so don't tell me what happened.

- Dancing With The Stars: Yes I watch this. Yes, I'm totally uncool. I pretty much watch this season for the French guy. If he doesn't win, I'll eat my foot or something.

- American Idol: I LOVE Adam. Rodrigo hates him. Rodrigo's all-time favorite band is Led Zeppelin so now he hates him even more. As much as I love Adam, I'm OK with any of the guys left over being the winner. I like them all.

- The Biggest Loser: This is the first season I've watched this and I don't think I'll watch any more (OK, I absolutely know I will). I end up crying almost each episode. How I wish I could have Bob & Jillian for just a couple of weeks.

- The Office: I'm barely going to watch tonight episode. I'm glad Michael's back in the office.

-30 Rock: Again, I haven't watched tonight. This show makes me laugh out loud more than any other one. I LOVE it!

- Parks & Recreation: I really like that intern. Her character is hilarious. I'm actually on a committee at the moment, so when I talk about the progress I say we're on our way to turning that pit into a park.

- The Fashion Show: I just watched the first episode. It's basically Project Runway without Tim, Heidi, Michael & Nina. Eh. I miss them. I'll probably watch the rest of the episodes, I just really miss the others.

So that's what I watch. What do you watch? If you watch anything I mentioned, what do you think?

feeling: I love my DVR
listening to: nothing . . . .shh . . . .the kids are asleep

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Jesser said...

Mom and sis LOVE Dancing w/*s. They get together every week to watch it. I have seen it 0 times. Biggest Loser is awesome, but only on Tivo ... I get annoyed and have to FF thru most of it. Still loving The Office. I am excited that Project Runway is back this summer ... hope they don't screw it up. Have not seen Fashion Show. I am still into Gossip Girl (sad), but Ugly Betty has fallen off. What else am I watching? Not much. Daytime junk while I breastfeed. :P