Monday, May 11, 2009

my gullible son

If infomercials and those exaggerated commercials are going for a demographic of 5 year old kids, they got one here. Alec LOVES those commercials and thinks they're all absolutely true. The best part is that he repeats them to me.

- Alec: growing tomatoes is hard, back-breaking work. We should get the revolutionary topsy turvy for Dada. That way we can enjoy delicious tomatoes all season long.

- Alec: For my birthday I want the amazing bendable building sticks . . . Bendaroos!

He also wants something to stop snoring for Grandpa (my dad). For me, he wants an ab roller thingy, some thing to place hangers on and make more room in the closet and the chop thing that the sham wow guy promotes. I just can't remember what exactly he told me about these things.
I suppose I should be happy that he's really good at memorizing things. He's also a walking promo for shows he likes.

- Alec: (a couple of weeks ago. I caught him on video) I'm excited because this Saturday is the long awaited premiere of the new Disney Channel original series, Jonas.

It's hilarious to hear him say these things, yet I have to stand there with a straight face and not laugh at him. Aww, my baby.

feeling: sleepy
listening to: nothing once again. sleeping kids.


foodiechickie said...

OMG! Too funny!!!

Jesser said...

LOL. This was me when I was a kid (still me in some ways) ... an adman's dream. He must have an excellent memory.