Friday, May 08, 2009


I just noticed that I never told you all about my recent visit to Walgreen's. Here is exactly what I posted on yelp . . . .

There's really no point in reviewing a Walgreen's other than the fact that I HAVE to tell you this story . . . .
So, I'm paying at Walgreen's and there's a sign at the register stating something like "if we don't offer you the special, you get a free water bottle". Something like that. Here I have to say that I know that it is completely trivial of me, but I love seeing signs like that. I don't care about the $1 water that I could win, I just like seeing if the employees actually do it, and well, I like to win something . . . anything. Anyway, the person before me was offered Orbitz gum or something else that were each 2 for $1 and told that that was the special. He said no. My turn. The cashier says hi, I say hi and she proceeds to scan my purchases. No offer of gum or anything else. I'm about to leave but I stop and ask if that sign was still valid.

her: uh, no
me: no?
her: well, yes but no
me: yes? no?
her: yeah, I guess
so: so, I get the free water?
her: I suppose you do. It's just sometimes it doesn't count
me: I'm sorry?
her: I didn't think you spoke English
me: Excuse me?!?!?
her: I didn't think you'd understand, so I didn't offer
me: so that sign is conditional? it only applies to certain people?
her: let me get your water
me: no thank you. I don't need your free water

I left there confused. Why would she assume I didn't speak English? I hadn't talked to anyone and even if I had, it would have been in English. Even if I didn't speak English, no free water unless I did? WTF? I should've just kept my mouth shut about that water because now I'm going to feel weird going there and I go there a lot. I'll only go now wearing a "Yo hablo Eenglich" shirt or something.

Mmm, hmm. I've been there since too but avoid her like the plague, or uh, swine flu.

feeling: dreading the heat this afternoon
listening to: Incubus (Black Heart Inertia)


Michelle said...

Oh my...

foodiechickie said...

I am so mad. What an ahole! I would complain to her manager.

bailey said...

You should totally wear the shirt and take one in for the cashier too.