Wednesday, July 08, 2009

lazy yvett

I've done it. I've reached the epitome of all things lazy. I am now reading two books. Is it because . . . .

1. I can't decide which one I want to read more?
2. I crave literacy so much that one book at a time won't suffice?
3. I am now a book reviewer and I need to read both for an assignment?

If you picked any of these, you'd be wrong. The reason is that I'm keeping one book upstairs and one book downstairs. There. Now you know about me.
The truth is that I usually don't do this. Well, I've really never done this, but it just got to be really annoying waking up on a Sunday morning, being the only person awake and not really wanting to get out of bed yet, reaching over to grab my book only to realize that I left it downstairs. ARGH! Or sitting down on my super comfortable couch in the living room, having a nice cup of something, reaching over for my book and realizing it's up on my nightstand.

I now have this book up on my nightstand. . . . .

. . . . and this one downstairs.

Since I am now a total expert on laziness reading two books at once, let me give you some tips.
1. Don't read two from a series. That is, of course, unless you've already read them and already know what happens. I imagine it would be super hard to read two from a series at the same time. I'd have been saying things like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SIRIUS IS DEAD?" or "so where the heck is Edward this whole time?"
2. Don't read two similar books. The kind of language in the books I'm reading now cannot be confused with the other. I'm not transposing the plot of one to the other. Now, I have a few books that deal with or have some sort of foot binding scene in them, for example. I wouldn't read those two at the same time. I'd probably read them and be like "what? she already had them bound, why are they doing it again?" Or I'd confuse the friends or something. Am I making sense?
3. I can't think of anything else.

feeling: super lazy
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foodiechickie said...

LOOL!!! I love it.

I really enjoyed Julie/Julia. Hope you do too!