Thursday, July 09, 2009

hot, hot, hot!!!!

My parents are coming over this weekend. I just got off the phone with my mom who was asking if it's going to be really hot here this weekend. "A little", was my response. What do you think?

To my defense, that was sort of a silly question. I live in Arizona. It's hot here in the winter, what would she expect during the summer?

. . . . . but it's a dry heat.

feeling: I guess I'll be indoors this whole weekend
listening to: Santigold (Lights Out)


Jesser said...

Damn, that's hot. But you are right ... humidity makes it SO MUCH WORSE. Hang in there ... and get your butt to the poooool (if it hasn't evaporated yet!).

Yvett said...

Seriously. I can stand this kind of heat, but if I'm somewhere even in the 90's and it's humid, I SUFFER.

Anonymous said...

Ok Yvett, Michelle and I have been worried about you but we just realized you no longer socialize with your "no-good-for-nothing-facebook-elementary-school-amigotas". What is this all about? Huh?

Maria Barajas