Monday, July 20, 2009

"summer" school

You know what I like to do in the middle of the summer in Arizona when it's super hot and you can't even walk out without feeling like you're about to burst into flames? I like to send my kids back to school. Yes, today was their first day back to school. I do feel sorry for them because it is sooooooo hot outside right now, but I have to admit I love this year-round calendar. It doesn't allow them time to get bored either at home or at school.
We went supply shopping this past weekend, which I love. Well, I hate the crowds, but I love new supplies. I remember getting a big new box of crayons and reorganizing them all. With my kids, the big thing is choosing a new bag or backpack. That seems to be about as important as naming a child or something. That's the only part I dread.
This year, it was a breeze! Simone Legno of tokidoki fame designed a line of school supplies for Target. Brianna saw this messenger bag and went straight for it. No messing around. That's just all kinds of awesome!

What I loved even more is that she's getting a tokidoki-ish looking bag and I'm not paying the tokidoki price. This bag was $20.

feeling: OMG it is soooooo hot outside!
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Jesser said...

* LOVE* That bag! I wish I was going back to school!! :) I kind of wish we had year-round school here. But our summers are awesome too and we get a long winter break ... maybe it's for the best? I assume the schools are air conditioned, right?? :)

Yvett said...


Yeah, so much so that it's even cold in the classrooms. It's just that they have an open layout. It's sort of like a clusters three or four classrooms and a workroom in the middle. If they have to go anywhere else (the bathroom, the cafeteria, the library, computer lab, art, music, etc) they actually have to go outside. A better explanation is there are no halls. They have outdoor "lanes" and "streets" since each "hall" is named and has a street sign of its name. I'll should just send you a map so you could understand what I mean.
Basically, it's hot to go anywhere other than their class. 109 degree kind of hot.