Wednesday, July 29, 2009

third of all . . . .

Rodrigo was talking to me about work . . .

him: first of all . . . blah, blah, blah (what was said here is not important, plus I only understand a little of his work talk)
me: and then?
him: and then what?
me: I was expecting more
him: no that's it
me: oh, I thought it would be a list of things
him: why a list?
me: because you started off by saying "first of all". I was expecting at least a "second of all".
him: oh.
me: and you do that a lot; start off saying "first of all" when there's just one thing
him: (laughing) so I should say "last of all" or "only of all"?
me: no maybe just start off with what you want to say in the first place
him: finally . . .
me: (laughing)

He makes me laugh every single day. It may not even be things that are funny to others, but he cracks me up.

feeling: I can't wait for our TV to get fixed
listening to: Weezer (Dope Nose)

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Michelle said...

Cute! I think that's what is important for couples - for them to make eachother laugh. We laugh at the most stupid things, but there's nothing wrong with that.