Tuesday, August 11, 2009

chez yvett

Yesterday, on the phone, Rodrigo was on his way home.

him: what's for dinner?
me: pot roast
him: mmmmmm. What did you put in it?
me: salt, pepper, garlic and onion, of course. and carrots. and celery. and cumin. and worcestershire sauce. and sage. and thyme . . . and . . .
him: no bacon?
me. BACON? in a pot roast?
him: well, yeah, in anything

I have to tell you. He loves bacon. Who doesn't right, but he LOVES, loves, loves bacon. He loves it so much that for a while now he's been talking about opening a restaurant and calling it Bacon. I tell him it's not a good idea because it sounds really sort of unhealthy. His whole idea is that everything would have bacon in it. Eww. I mean, I like bacon and all, but not in everything.
I have a restaurant idea too. Well, it's not so much a restaurant but a place where people can go prepare their own dinners and cook them at home. I'd have all the ingredients (already prepped), recipes and "cooking" space. Families could choose the dinners (the amount of dinners, the food and the quantity) then assemble it, take it home, freeze it and cook it throughout the week. It's basically cooking without all the prep work and clean-up. I love my idea and think it would be a hit around here. Idea #2 is a mommy cafe sort of establishment. A full coffee house with a play area, play monitors, and a kids' menu. There are a lot of moms around here who want to be able to go hang out at a coffee place for a while and not have super bored kids. Now, if there are any independently wealthy people out there who are just willing to gift some money for business start up costs . . . . . I'm right here! If only.
I think everyone knows how they'd have their own restaurant. Doesn't everyone have their own dream place in mind? Do share. I love hearing everyone's concepts. (Be assured that I won't take it).

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elaine said...

Mine would definitely be a French themed tea salon with crystal chandeliers hanging at every table (marble top, of course).

foodiechickie said...

Yeah I would love my own cafe/bookstore. I would make baked goods and there would be a different item everyday on the menu daily so you would have to come in and try something everyday.

And people's dogs can come into and get home cooked dog treats.

I would have an open mike night for poetry readings and a space for gallery openings for local artists.

But I would need a quirky town to open it in. Yes I want to live in Stars Hallow. LOL.

Yvett said...

I like both these concepts. I'd go.

I don't know if what I described is my dream place, but it's what I think would be most lucrative around here.

Jesser said...

This could SO be my house. The hubby and girly are OBSESSED with bacon.

We have both of your business ideas here in Denver (if I understand them both correctly), in a few incarnations. I love them all!! :)


I have no idea what my business would be ... some kind of funky shop where neat hand-crafted stuff can be sold?

Bailey said...

I'd definitely visit "Bacon"