Wednesday, August 12, 2009

me and you

Brianna's teacher has a tickets prize system. Each week, they get a ticket for each day. Extra tickets are given out for good behavior and are removed as penalties. On Fridays, they can enter as many tickets as they'd like for a drawing.
Here's what I love . . . . as of this week, they are being charged a ticket for the misuse of subjective and objective pronouns. I. Love. It. Oh, and not only in their assignments, but in conversation too. Isn't that all kinds of awesome? Now if they'd do the same for double negatives (that don't make a positive) and gratuitous apostrophes, I'd be in grammar heaven.
Since then, Rodrigo and I have been purposely speaking incorrectly. We've said things like, "Me and Dada are going to watch this" or "Come upstairs with Badger and I". I am uber proud to say that Brianna has cringed at each of these instances. My job here is done. (imagine me bowing here).

feeling: I need a cleaning lady
listening to: Ra Ra Riot (Can You Tell) <--- I don't how many times I've heard this song this summer, but I LOVE it!


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Jesser said...

That's wonderful. The world needs better grammar. I was reading a book yesterday and I saw a sentence that went something like "Sammy get's new shoes." Grrrr ... how are kids supposed to learn?