Monday, October 11, 2010

Brianna's wrist

Two of my babies (one furry and one non-furry) had paw issues within the last couple of weeks. This past Friday, Brianna went in to get a ganglion cyst removed. The pediatrician had seen it before and we were waiting to see if it would get smaller or go away. No such luck. We were told (jokingly, not as a recommendation) that people used to smash them with bibles. Not having one of those, Rodrigo and I considered smashing it with the Deathly Hallows. Briefly, and not seriously, mind you. Then, of course, we heard another old wives tale: placing copper on the wrist and wrapping it up. She never felt any pain on it. She did her normal activities including cheerleading without constraints. But, it had been a while and it was time to have it removed.
Here's now big the cyst was. . .

It was a full-on surgery, but she's a whole lot better now. I take that back, she can't text because her arm is in a splint, so the world is ending.



Jesser said...

"Not having one of those," LOL. My hubby gets all mad when I make comments like that. Like when our gym closed and I told him I felt like I'd lost my church.

Jesser said...

Wait, that submitted before I was ready, sorry.

Wowsers, the cyst was pretty big. I'm amazed it didn't limit mobility or anything. So glad it went well. Hate having to do stuff like that with the kids.

foodiechickie said...

Glad Brianna is alright.