Monday, November 01, 2010

Late World Cup update

Let's talk sports, yes? I bet you guys thought that since I was MIA during the World Cup that you'd be let off scot-free. Wrong. I watched 64 matches. Yes, 64 and although I'm not going to go into detail about the matches, I HAVE to tell you about what was so different about this year. We. Were. Connected. That's right. I would sit and watch with my handy dandy arm extension . . er . . I mean iPad at my side and watch while "talking" with my friends all over the world. It was amazing! I loved being able to get reactions and talk smack with my friends. Wow, I kept thinking about just how different technology became in four short years. I don't think I'd heard about FB four years ago. I couldn't have even imagined the iPad yet. I wonder how it'll be four years from now . . .

Here's what I remember about WC's so far (since I'm sure you want to know) . . .

-2010: Totally connected WC. Amazing!
- 2006: We were moving to Arizona during this WC. We caught some of the matches at a hotel when we were here looking for houses. Oh, and that head-butt!
- 2002: This one was in Japan. We were living in an apartment and I was waking up at dreadful hours to catch live matches.
- 1998: I was a flight attendant living in Phoenix. My mom and brother went to spend a part of summer vacation there and we'd watch matches in the apartment.
- 1994: I honestly don't really remember much about this one. It was in the US, but this is when I graduated high school, so I suppose I was busy with other things. : S
-1990: I was about to go into high school. My grandparents went out of town and I was allowed to house sit for them. I remember watching some matches while listening to the radio at the same time thinking I could somehow get in trouble for that.
-1986: This one was in Mexico. My dad watched the matches in Spanish and I STILL remember the theme song.

That's all I remember.


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