Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What?!?! A Post?

Yeah, it's me. Although most everyone that comes on here has kept up with me, I thought I'd pop in and give this another try. My blog was killed off by the 420 character status update. I've been asked if and when I was returning to blogging, asked about the kids and how they're doing, asked about how my hair is now, but believe it or not, being asked about Badger is what brought me back.
He's doing much better, thank you. So, here's the story . . . he goes outside every morning and every evening to "do this business" and run around for a while. Last week, he came back in and was licking his paw and sort of limping. It didn't seem like a big deal because he got over it quickly. The next day, he was still licking so we went and got him some first aid stuff at the pet store assuming it was a little cut. He treated him and bandaged it up. The next morning we noticed blood on the bandage, so off to the vet we went.
So, you know how dogs have an extra little paw pad going up their leg? Badger nearly tore his off. (wince here) It seems like he got caught on something and pulled away. We don't know on what seeing as to how we hardly have anything in the yard, but he found a way. Anyway, he needed stitches and apart from having to wear a cone, he's a lot better.

Badger after getting home . . bandaged paw and still a bit sedated.

Badger's better now, but has to wear the cone of shame until the 16th.

So that's the news on my furry baby. Maybe soon I'll post about my human babies and what's been going on with us.



foodiechickie said...

YAY an update. Very glad Badger is well! Thanks for including me on the list. LOL.

Michelle said...

Welcome back, Yvett! Trust me, I know how it can be trying to keep up with a blog. I barely have the time or energy to eat. Just post when you can, we'll all be here. Poor Badger. I'm sure he will recover quickly.

Bailey said...

welcome back! hope it won't be another long dark period without you :)