Monday, August 17, 2009

salad overload

I hosted a salad swap at my house this past weekend. It was DELICIOUS! I'd had the idea for a while, but just hadn't actually done it. I finally decided to, my friends loved the idea and so it happened. It was only six couples (and kids) and here are all the salads we had . . .

- rice salad (with beef, bacon and chorizo)
- black bean & corn salad
- tomato salad
- taco salad (oddly, with Doritos, but it was sooooo good!)
- potato salad (made with ranch dressing and bacon bits)
- Greek salad
- couscous salad
- pasta salad
- dessert ambrosia salad
- fruit salad

Seriously, I was wishing I had worn elastic pants or something. I had a little of each one and then went back for seconds. Everyone brought a huge bowl, so it was a lot of food. We all loved it and are looking forward to the next swaps: soup, cookies & ornaments, and of course, scary food! Yum! I can't wait.

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foodiechickie said...

Recipes woman. Recipes please. Thanks!

foodiechickie said...

OMG who did your banner? I love love love owls!