Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pauper Yvett

Within the past few days, my son has gone from saying that we "have a lot of dollars" to "we can't afford anything that costs more than $10". Let me explain . . . on Halloween night, we were SWAMPED with kids and ran out of candies. Rodrigo and Alec headed to the store for some things and Rodrigo decided to get some more candies. He saw a bag for $13 but casually mentioned (sort of like talking to himself) that $13 was "too expensive". In his defense, it was too expensive for last minute candies for the few trick or treaters we'd still get. We can, in fact, afford to spend $13.
I suppose Alec ran with this, though. . . .
We've been getting toy catalogs in the mail and he was looking through them. I heard him in the other room saying things like "Oh, this is cool, but it's too expensive. I like this! Too bad we can't afford it. Aww, I want this, but it's $20". Curious, I asked why he thought things were too expensive, he gave me the explanation I already gave you and I found it extremely hard to not laugh too hard.
Now I'll have to explain to him that we actually have more than $10, before he goes and tells half the school.


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