Thursday, February 19, 2004

ego booster

First of all, let me explain about downtown El Paso. There are some nice places to shop, I guess. I don't really know my way around there other than how to get to certain clubs. Downtown is really close to the one of the bridges that connects us with Juarez, Mexico. As soon as you cross into El Paso, there are all sorts of shops with stereos blasting Mexican music trying to lead shoppers in. Well, I had to go to the county courthouse today to pick up some of Alec's documents and I thought since I was already there and I'm hardly ever there, I might as well look around. Brianna was in school and my grandma was nice enough to watch Alec, so I walked around by myself. Well, guess what happened? As I was walking around, a few perverts started doing what they do best. I got a few wolf whistles and a couple of "ay mamacitas". Awwww. So I'd like to thank those "viejos pelados" for making my day. Ordinarily, this would really bother me but for the past year I've been walking around pregnant, then with milk stains on my shoulder, looking like a zombie due to lack of sleep, lugging around a huge diaper bag, running around after a five year old, and clearly showing that I no longer take my time to get ready in the morning. All of which are not very sexy. This morning, for some reason, all the planets aligned, the kids woke up late and I was able to wear my hair out of a pony tail, nice clothes (with no milk stains on it), and make-up. Yes, I had time for all that. Even though I realize those men would probably whistle at anything in a skirt, still, thanks perverts for noticing. I would also like to thank Brianna and Alec for giving me the boobs that I waited for for soooooo long. And yes, I show them off with pride since they are real working breasts and not just for decoration anymore. Yeah, I think I'll be shopping downtown more often. Ok, after my parallel parking fiasco, maybe not.

feeling: sexy
watching: Conan O'Brien
what I should be doing instead of blogging: putting away laundry (again)

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