Thursday, March 25, 2004

i'm not dumb, i swear

I'm really not that dumb. Of course you wouldn't know that by the way I've been acting lately. This morning Rodrigo left to work and I was with Alec. Alec fell back asleep and I was carrying him back to his crib when the phone rang. It was Rodrigo but I missed the call. He has a new cell phone with a different area code and I still haven't memorized the phone number. Alec woke up with the ringing and we both came back to the living room. I called back.
me: Hey
him: Hey
me: What are you doing?
him: Nothing
me: What's wrong?
him: Nothing, why?
me: Why do you sound like that?
him: Like how?
me: I don't know, weird.
him: I just woke up
me: Huh? What do you mean you just woke up? What are you talking about?
him: I just woke up.
me: Where are you?
him: Home
me: Home. Wait a minute, who is this?
him: I think you have the wrong number
guy: laughs. that's ok
me: SORRY. I hope you can go back to sleep.

Oops. I called Rodrigo (the correct number this time) and told him what happened. He thought it was funny. So, about three minutes ago as I was writing this the phone just rang. I check the caller i.d.

me to Rodrigo: It's from New Mexico, you think it's from work?
Rodrigo: I don't know. Answer it.
me: Hello?
guy: Uh, hello, who is this?
me (thinking it's one of Rodrigo's friends): This is Yvett
guy: I think I have the wrong number but I have this number on my cell phone
me: It was me! Sorry, it was the wrong number. I was trying to call someone else but I got your number
guy: (Laughs) It's ok. I thought I was dreaming.
me: (face bright red now) I'm sooooooo sorry. I hope you were able to go back to sleep
guy: I didn't actually. I stayed up.
me: Sorry
guy: Thanks ok really. No problem
me: It won't happen again. Sorry. Bye (laughing)
guy: Don't worry about it. Bye
Rodrigo to me: (laughing) you're a dork
me: I know. Poor guy. Not only do I wake him up but I start getting mad at him.


feeling: like an airhead
watching: Law & Order SVU
what I should be doing instead of blogging: saving Rodrigo's new phone number into the speed dial

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