Wednesday, March 24, 2004

misunderstood lyrics

I usually have a song stuck in my head. I don't know why this happens. It's not the whole song either just a piece of one over and over. I don't have to like the song or even know the lyrics, it plays in my mind just as well. Last night on American Idol one of the contestants sang "Desperado" and it's been in my head all morning. As soon as I heard it last night, I was laughing and remembering the Seinfeld episode where Elaine's boyfriend's "song" was Desperado. "Desperado, you better let somebody love you. . " has been playing over and over in my mind. Argh.
I don't know if it's because English was not my first language but I also have a problem of hearing incorrect lyrics. I don't think it's the language, though since I am now better at English than anything else. Growing up, though, I heard the funniest things. I remember singing, "Everytime you go away, you take a piece of meat with you." A few years ago, I came across a book called "Excuse me while I kiss this guy". I thought it was hillarious and bought it right away. There are a lot of lyrics in there that I knew correctly but the ones that I also misunderstood were too funny! I was glad to know that I wasn't the only one. Here are some of the lyrics that I have misheard in my life: (what I heard, artist, song, correct lyric)

-"Don't chew on me baby" from Human League- Don't you want me baby (don't you want me baby?)
-"Sooooo open the door" from Beck-Loser (soy un perdedor)
-"Tuned and fine toned" from Pearl Jam-Immortality (a truant finds home)
-"My morning sun is a truck that brings me mail" from New Order-True Faith (the morning sun is a drug that brings me near)
-"The cross-eyed bear that you gave to me" from Alanis Morrissette-You outta know (the cross I bear that you gave to me)
-"This month it's going to happen" from The Pixies-Monkey gone to heaven (this monkey's gone to heaven)
-"There's a bathroom on the right" from CCR- Bad Moon Rising (there's a bad moon on the rise)
-"I am the sun and the air" from The Smiths-How soon is now (I am the son and the heir) close enough
-"Everything counts in marching band" from Depeche Mode- Everything Counts (everything counts in large amounts) don't ask why!

I know there's about a million more but I can't think of them at the moment. I should write them down as I remember them so you all can know how dumb I really am!
On a totally different note. I was on a sappy "oh no, my baby is growing up" mood yesterday and I made a little slide show of some of Alec's pictures. You can take a look at it here. I put a song on it. I had put "Thirty-three" from Smashing Pumpkins but it looked too gloomy. I tried "Echo" from Incubus and it fit perfectly with the time plus I love the song! Have a great day!

feeling: I can't type!
listening to: New Order (True Faith)
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