Monday, March 22, 2004

weekend recap/memes

That sounds about right. I'm pretty much stuck in the 90's. Thanks, Alex for the quiz! Happy Monday morning to all! I hope your weekend good! Mine was busy but quite refreshing. I'm usually not this happy about Mondays. I'll sumarize my weekend for you since I know you guys are all dying to know what I did. Ok, maybe not, but I'll tell you anyway.
Friday: My mom is also on spring break and my dad had a day off, so they took a little road trip to Ruidoso, NM and took Brianna, my nephew, and my little cousin Alexa along. They went to "see the snow" even though I told them what the weather report was. There was no snow but they had a good time anyway. Alec had his 9 month old check-up and so we were not able to go. Alec and I were out early and waited at the pediatrician's for about an hour and a half. I had mentioned to my grandma the night before that I wanted to cut my hair and she said she did too. Since I am my grandma's official driver and errand runner, we went to pick her up after the appointment and took her to get her hair done. Alec was in a very good mood yelling and laughing and all the ladies at the salon were playing with him which only made him do it more. After that, we grabbed a quick lunch and went back to my grandma's house. There, Brianna and Alec's godmother went over and gave them some St. Patrick's day gifts and cards since we had been missing each other's calls all week. Alec and I came back home for a little while and when Rodrigo got home we left again. My hair appointment was at a mall so they went along with me. When I got there, a lady that was before me was running late and delayed my appointment. I was asked to come back in half an hour. We went through the mall and decided to get some ice cream from The Marble Slab. There were about 10 million kids in line already. Some little girls in front of us couldn't decide on the ice cream or the toppings. They finally decided, got their ice cream, tasted it, and gave it back to get a different kind. We had been in line already for about 15 minutes and I just decided to leave because it seemed that it would've been another 15. We shared a smoothie and a cranberry muffin from another place and it was just as good if not better. I finally went to get my hair done and it took a long time. I'd had my hair short for a long time but decided to let it grow about two years ago. At about the same time, I started dyeing my hair black. The black dye was damaging my hair and the color had to be stripped. My hair was already half way down my back but it only gave Alec something to tug on, so it is now up to my chin and light brown once again. This morning I read in Alex's page that it's good to throw out hair from brushes so that birds can make nests. After having Alec, I lost sooooooo much hair and I've just been throwing it out. I feel bad for all the birds that I could've helped. Sorry, birds (because birds read my blog). After I was finally done with my hair, the mall was closing. Rodrigo didn't park where I wanted to park (of course), so we were stuck at an exit at the opposite end of the mall. He offered to go get the car, but I knew it would take a while and it was very nice out, so we all walked to the car. He had picked up some take-out Chinese and we had that when we got home. We both swear they put some sort of psychadellic powder in the food because as soon as we ate it, we both felt dazed and couldn't keep our eyes open.
Saturday: Rodrigo left to his class and Alec and I went to my mom's. Alec was very excited to see Brianna and was wiggling around and pulling her hair. My mom had to go to Juarez. Whenever we go, we just drive over but she was going to cross the bridge walking. She didn't want to leave her van parked at the border for too long, so we dropped her off at the international bridge. We went into the downtown area of our city and I don't know my way around there. Brianna was looking into all the shops just naming out all the things that she wanted while I was making sure that we were going the right way. After we got home, Rodrigo went to his mom's house with Alec. Brianna likes this because they do "boy things" and we do "girl things". She wanted to go to Sonic, so that was our "girl thing" for that afternoon. My "mom thing" was cleaning up the kitchen.
Sunday: Yesterday morning we lounged around well into the afternoon. We were watching movies and relaxing. We were fine until we saw a commercial for Romano's Macaroni Grill and instantly knew that we wanted that for dinner. We all finished cleaning up and got ready and drove all the way to the other side of town for dinner. Brianna loved the fact that she could draw "on the table". The food was delicious, the kids behaved really well and our waitress was really nice. She was talking to us for a while and we ended up sharing our pregnancy and baby stories and she showed us pictures of her kids. Before we got home, we stopped at Walgreen's for some teething medicine and Brianna got a plastic slinky. If I'd known that she would be so happy with a 99 cent toy, I wouldn't have gotten her all those Barbie and Princess toys and houses. Kidding! We got home, bathed Alec and played with him a little while before winding down.
So that was my weekend. Now I'm working, reading over the blogs and memes I frequent and getting ready to fix the links I have. Have a great day!

The First Four
In honor of his birthday, which is Thursday (is it sick that I know this?), what are the first four things you think of when I say:

Elton John
-Benny & the Jets
-gap in teeth

Unconscious Mutterings

I say . . .and you think . . .

  1. Wife:: husband
  2. Criminal:: intent
  3. Campaign:: presidential
  4. Infection:: disease
  5. Portland:: Oregon
  6. NASCAR:: races
  7. IMAX:: theather
  8. Martian:: Marvin
  9. Nike:: Just do It
  10. Trial:: & error

Monday Madness

1. What was your favorite TV show as a child?
-Three's Company

2. What show did you hate?
-there was a "novela" (Spanish soap opera) that mt grandma used to watch called "El Maleficio" (The Curse) It was so scary! I hated when she would watch it. I also hated M.A.S.H. never saw it, but I hated it.

3. What show did your family gather around the TV to watch?
-We all had different tastes so the only show that we all saw and laughed at was America's Funniest Home Videos.

4. What show is currently your favorite?
-Law & Order S.V.U.

5. What show do you hate now?
-I don't know about hating shows but I seriously dislike Mad TV, Fear Factor, Golf, and Viva La Bam.

feeling: I like my hair
listening to: Beck (Where it's at)
what I should be dong instead of blogging: going over new work material