Saturday, March 13, 2004

saturday senses/ unconscious mutterings

saturday senses
I love memes but I don't really like writing prompts. I feel like if it's an assingment or something and can't really write about something if it's not on my mind. I've been looking for a meme for Saturday. Saturday Senses was the one that I liked the most but I thought it was no longer going to be up. I'm glad that it is up once again. Click here to check it out! Here are my responses:

Websites: Name a website that:

[taste]:: makes you want to eat. It also makes me want to cook, or wish I could could cook rather.

[touch]:: makes you feel like touching what's on your screen. I love the stuff they sell there and wish I owned some of them. They seem a little pricey, but you can definately get some good ideas from there.

[sight]:: you can't stop reading.
-on the left I have a column called "daily reads" and I love all those sites! I read them everyday (of course) and look forward to new postings.

[smell]:: that sells any items which have a smell you love. (could be perfumes, candles, food, anything...) You can find lots of perfumes, skincare and candles on this site.

[hearing]:: you visit for music reference, or to listen to music, or for downloading music.
I listen to music on myyahoo radio station and my winamp files but am intested in adding music to my page from

unconscious mutterings

  • Old Navy:: Magic (the dog)
  • Out:: In & Out Burger
  • Indecent:: Proposal
  • UPN:: Moesha
  • Pupil:: eye
  • Toothpaste:: Colgate
  • 1999:: Prince
  • Passion:: of the christ
  • Social security:: number
  • Cliff:: diver

    feeling: silly
    listening to: Kajagoogoo (Too Shy)
    what I should be doing instead of blogging: cleaning out fridge
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