Thursday, April 08, 2004

a new car!

I've mentioned that now that my brother and I have moved out, my parents are acting like newlyweds. Well, today they bought a car. Not a family car like the van we used to have, no, they bought a Pontiac uh, Sunfire, I think. It's a two door silver car. Just for the two of them. I moved out of there a while ago, but my brother was there until last fall. Since then, my parents have redone the house, started an exercise program together, and all sorts of things. I tell them that they were just waiting for us to be out of there.
Oh! Alec fell asleep. Yea! HE FELL ASLEEP BEFORE MIDNIGHT! I'm going to take advantage of this and go to sleep too!

feeling: sleepy
listening to: nothing now. everything is quiet
what I should be doing instead of blogging: SLEEPING!

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