Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Today Rodrigo and I attended the first of our "Ready to be Ready" classes. This is a course designed to help us prepare newborns and toddlers be ready for when they enter school. Since today was the introductory class, all the parents that were there did a lot of sharing. Some more than others. There was a young girl that kept talking and talking. Now, I don't want to sound snobby (although I probably might) but I attend a lot of the classes and school functions and I've NEVER seen this girl there before. Anyway, she kept telling everyone about all the great stuff she does for her son, all the values she's instilling in him, how she always talks to her son about everything, yada, yada, yada. She went on and on about how she communicates very well with her 4 year old. Anything the instructor would talk about, this girl had an example. She did everything but say that she was Mom of the Year or Supermom.
At the end of the class, we all made a sock puppet for our kids. We were handed socks and there were boxes of felt, thread, yarn, beads, buttons, etc. At the far right of the room, there was a cart with two hot glue guns. Rodrigo and I started making the puppet and were messing around talking about Sifl and Ollie while Supermom was trying to make Super Sock Puppet. She was the only one there with her child (but that's ok because she's super) and she kind of ignored him while making the best looking puppet. I sewed some stuff and glued the rest and was done. Supermom then went to the cart and forgot to mention to her son that the glue guns were hot. He touched one, screamed, cried, and she dragged him to the bathroom to run his hand under running water. I felt so bad for the little boy. You'd think that since she talks to him about everything, "Don't touch a hot glue gun" would've been one of the things she told him. He ended up with a blister but was ok. After that Supermom became Quietmom but not before scolding her son in the hall. I felt so bad for him. You know, I would've had no problem with the girl if she didn't try to turn the whole class into "Reasons why I'm a good mom". Even if she had and I saw that she was really paying attention to her son it wouldn't have been so bad. She came across as just really needing attention or praise or something. Yikes! Psych 101.
We went to my mom's to pick up Brianna and Alec and when we got home, Alec started crawling. He's been rolling around for a while now but hadn't crawled until today. Instantly, as if we'd had anything to do with it, Rodrigo and I became Supermom and Superdad in our own minds. Yea for my crawling baby.

What's on . . .right now?

What's On your shopping list Right Now?
Things that I have run out of within the past couple of days: milk, soy sauce, apple juice, vinegar, rice, lettuce, and apples.

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