Friday, May 21, 2004


I've mentioned before that we haven't gone to the movies in the longest time. In fact, next month it'll be a year (which, in fact, you all told me to get a life and get out of the house). Anyway, a whole lot of movies that came out last year and I wanted to see are now out on DVD. So far this week, we've seen The Last Samurai, House of Sand and Fog, and last night we started watching The Matrix Revolutions. (Yes, think "you barely saw that?") I say we started to watch the Matrix because I fell asleep. Isn't that awful? I used to get so upset at my dad when we'd start watching a movie then I'd look over and he was asleep and now I'm the same way. To my defense, it was almost midnight when we started watching and to be perfectly honest, I don't understand The Matrix movies. Rodrigo loves them but I just get so lost when I watch them. I don't consider myself dumb or one of those people who you have to explain movies to, but for some reason, I just can't get into the whole Matrix thing. Seriously, it wasn't until after I read the credits in the first movie that I realized his name was Neo and not "Neil". Oops. We saw the second one at the theater and I got confused about the whole "architect" thing. Tonight I'm determined to watch Revolutions and understand it even if I have to keep pausing and rewinding.

Something else for today. . . Brianna completed her final project for the school year. She had to make an insect. We were asked to make them out of things you'd find around the house. Any insect made out of anything. I immediately thought to make a caterpillar out of styrofoam I use to make little floral arrangements (I call them flowerballs) and use pipe cleaners for antennae. Then I reconsidered and decided for once not try to "out-craft" the rest of the moms. We took the bottom of egg cartons and cut out six sections, painted them green, glued confetti to make the spots, and used lollipop sticks as antennae. It looks cute but most importantly it was something that a Brianna could make almost entirely on her own. I didn't take over her last homework assignment as just another excuse to craft. Whew, that was hard.

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