Tuesday, June 01, 2004

hi, all!

I've been super busy and I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. I hope all of your Memorial day weekends went well.
I've been looking for a job. You know those infomercials they play on tv and always have a number to call? Well, I take those calls here from home. That's my current job. It was going pretty well and I decided to take it so that I could stay home with Brianna and Alec. Since they don't have the expense of a center and equipment, they were able to pay us pretty well. The only problem is that we get paid for the amount of time that we work not the amount of time we are logged in to work. For example, if I'm logged on for two hours and I receive 15 minutes worth of calls, then I only get paid for 15 minutes. Recently, it has slowed down sooooooo much. I'll be logged in for a long time and not receive anything. I figure I'd rather get paid for the time that I'm actually at work, so that's why I've been looking. This past week I had a couple of interviews and was offered a position as an insurance claims coordinator. I had to turn it down because it was a full-time 9-6 job. Argh! My grandma used to watch Brianna for me but by this time Brianna was already about 2 years old. Before that, I worked 2nd shift and my mom would watch her. I think Alec is too much of a handful for my grandma now. Plus, I have no one to drop off and pick up Brianna from school. Rodrigo works a town away and leaves early. I was telling my friends that I'm going to have a hard time finding a job if I'm this picky. I want something part-time preferably in the afternoon. Then I got a reality check when one said "You can find any job. It just probably won't be something you'd like to do or that you're used to doing." I guess that's true. Besides flight attending, I've always worked in an office. Oh well.
Looking for a job is so time consuming. I had never really had a problem. Then again, I'd always worked full time. I should start a job seeker company that pays people for the amount of time they spend looking for a job. I'd have companies who want to advertise pay a small fee then they'd have a bunch of people looking at their ads. Anyway, I'll try to write more later because I'm going to search some more. Wish me luck.

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