Friday, June 25, 2004

I'm exhausted!

I've been too tired to even blog. Seriously. My new job is TIRING. I've been working long hours and when I get home, all I want to do is rest my feet. Alec is sick to top it off. He's had fever and since he's teething really late, he's getting lots of teeth in all at once. My house is a mess! It's amazing how messy a house gets in a few days. All I've been doing is washing bottles and a few dishes. Right now my house is at a "Please God, don't let anybody come over" stage. I think I'm going delirious too because I left Alec's thermometer on top of our bookcase and I walked right past it right now. I kind of saw it and did a double take feeling shocked. I thought it was a pregnancy test!

I still work today and tomorrow before I have a day off. Oh well, what can I say? When we want the kind of stuff that we have, we HAVE to work. Have a good day, all!

feeling: exhausted
listening to: Led Zepellin (Kashmir)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting ready

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