Monday, June 28, 2004

my intervention

Sorry! I didn't mean to trick you all in my last post. I just thought it was funny. Hee hee.
So, I mentioned how messy my house was. On Saturday, I left to work and knew I had to come home and clean. There was a pile of dirty dishes, laundry that had to be sorted and put away piled on a chair in the living room, hangers for this clothes on the floor, garbage that needed to be taken out, Alec's toys thrown all over, and a dining room table that was just a place to stack mail or whatever else you happened to be carrying when you came in. I got home and noticed that there was a white truck in the driveway. I had no idea who it was but knew that Rodrigo and Alec were home. I couldn't park and just then Rodrigo's dad came out and moved the truck. I saw him and my heart sank. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. Rodrigo's parents had come over to visit. Let me first let you know that this was their FIRST time coming over to the house. Yes, this was their first impression. Although my family and Rodrigo's brothers have come over, his parents just never had and they picked THAT DAY to come. I wanted to back out and leave again or start crying but I knew it was too late. I got out of the car and they were just leaving. Once we were alone, I told Rodrigo that I'd hit rock bottom and his parents' visit served as an intervention. I will never again keep my house that messy. It will always be ready for anyone to pop in. You can guess what I did yesterday on my day off. Now I can't wait to have his parents over for dinner and redemption. *Sigh*

feeling: tired
listening to: Local H (Bound for the floor)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: showering

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