Wednesday, June 09, 2004

jennifer lopez

Ok, I HAVE to post about this because it is really bothering me. J-Lo. I really have an issue with her. Those of you who've known me for the last couple of years (Denise, we had this discussion years ago) know this is true. Yes, I think she's an alright singer, an alright actress, and a good dancer. I don't think she's great at any of these things so I don't understand what the big deal is. I think she should be thanking her butt and Versace every day for making her famous. I was pretty indifferent about her then she broke up with Puffy (whatever he's going by these days) after that whole shooting thing. That really got to me because she was there and she totally let him take the heat for everything. What a bad friend. Then the whole Ben Affleck thing. I was quite disappointed when he started dating her. I thought she was going to ruin his career. Then they give interviews together at their home in which she was asked what made their relationship different. She said that this time it was "real" and she now knew that she hadn't been in love before. Uh-huh. In her "Jenny from the Block" video, he's untying her bikini top, slapping her butt, she's dancing topless wearing a fur and then they have the audacity to say that they postponed their wedding because the media focuses on them too much. Huh?! They do it to themselves. I remember Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin got married at about that same time. Now, Gwyneth is a much better actress and as far as I'm concerned, Chris is a much better musician. But, the way they carried about their relationship was WAY different. I don't remember any Coldplay video in which Chris slaps Gwyneth's butt.
So, a little more than six months ago Ben was Jennifer's "love of her life" "the real thing" and now she's married to Marc Anthony. I don't understand how that works. As far as Marc Anthony, I guess he's trying to ruin his image too. He somehow managed to marry beautiful ex Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. They then separate and get back together. They renew their vows in a HUGE wedding in Puerto Rico. Up until a couple of days ago, pictures of this royal-like wedding were still posted on his official website. (They're off now, I checked today.) Then they split up again and he got a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic LAST WEEK.
Ben and Jen's wedding was "postponed" two days before it was supposed to take place.
Which means that everything was ready. I wonder if she used the same style or dress since she used the same wedding coordinator. I guess not since she's so super rich and a mega spender, oh I'm sorry, she's still Jenny from the block. I think I'd still be a little distraught about the whole situation. I guess I'm not as resilient. There are rumors now that she is pregnant. Hmm, who knows?
I don't understand what they see in her. Yes, she's pretty but she doesn't strike me as the smartest person. Is a big butt enough to make men buy her cars, houses, and diamonds? If it is, hey, I can dance and I'm sure I can act as well as she does. I'll go get a butt augmentation and let the gifts start rolling in.
What bothers me the most is that she gives women a bad name. You'd think that someone as rich and famous as her would try to act a little stronger. I'd use my money for a good cause not for weddings every few years. She acts like she just cannot be without a man. As long as she's been famous she goes from relationship to relationship. From Ohani to Marc Anthony to Puffy to Chris Judd to Ben Affleck back to Marc Anthony. She's been married to three of these guys and engaged to one. Man, what a track record. I'd be embarrassed if I were her. Now there are online polls asking how long you think this marriage will last. I heard so far "they'll be divorced by January" is winning.
In this whole thing I feel bad for Dayanara. I saw her on a talk show in Spanish where she started crying. She said that she gave up her modeling career to focus on her marriage and motherhood but it wasn't enough for him. She was saying that she still loved Marc Anthony and was always going to love him. They asked her what she thought about rumors that he was dating J-Lo and she said that Jen had caused so many problems in their marriage that it would just be like a slap in the face if the rumors were true.
I don't know. What do you think?

Ooooohhhhhh! Update! I just posted this and went to MSN. This past Sunday, Rodrigo and I were wondering what Jen & Marc's new "name" would be. We came up with Jenimarc, Marcifer, Jennifer Anthony, and a few others. We were just messing around thinking the whole "Bennifer" thing wouldn't happen again but I just read the new name is now Jenthony. Seriously. Ha!

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