Thursday, June 10, 2004

pre-k "itis"

We have three major school districts in our city. One of them has year-round schooling and the other two are out for the summer. Brianna's Pre-K is part of the other two but she's still in school. The reason is because they get a three week break in November and in March. A lot of kids in the Pre-K have older brothers/sisters that are already on summer vacation and they no longer want to go to school. For Brianna, it's getting harder and harder for her to get ready on time. We've missed the bus a few times now. She has a bad case of senioritis or in her case, pre-kitis. The school understands and so they've made this last month full of activities. So far, they've gone to the zoo, had lunch with parents, had an "insect parade" (each class was a different insect [Brianna's was butterflies] and they marched around playing instruments). They had Career Day with speakers from different professions and also a "what I want to be when I grow up" day. Brianna went dressed as a ballerina that day. All the kids looked cute that day. There were firefighters, lots of ballerinas, cops, doctors, nurses, cheerleaders, and I don't understand why but there was a cow. Oh, they also had a parade that day. Now, with the National Day of Mourning, they cancelled classes tomorrow and well, the kids are happy. I'm also looking forward to school ending just because we have to drive so far. Once she starts kindergarten next school year, she'll be close to home. I know she'll miss her friends but they're all going to different schools. I can't believe my baby is graduating from Pre-K. I know I'm going to cry. It was hard enough to see her get on the school bus for the first time. I got all teary-eyed and thought, "She's just a baby. How can I be sending her off to school?" Oh well. I still have a couple of weeks to practice not crying.

Anyway, I haven't done memes for a while, so here they are. . . .

Unconscious Mutterings
I say ... and you think ... ?

Charity: hope
Scale: weight
Jennifer Lopez: argh!
Coercion: convincing
Meter: length
Pressure: point
June: bug
Infestation: bugs
Serial killer: Ted Bundy
Anguish: agony

Monday Madness
1. In your opinion, what is the perfect temperature?
-70 degrees
2. If you have a garden, what do you plant in it? If not, what would you plant in it?
-I'd plant sunflowers daisies and herbs
3. What is your favorite summertime beverage?
4. How many times a year do you rearrange your living room?
-I don't. Everything is wired and I don't want to move it.
5. How fast do you drive in a '55 mile-an-hour' zone?
-Here in El Paso, cops have nothing else to do but literally hide and try to catch speeders. I've been caught before, so 55.
6. How many minutes per day do you usually talk on the phone?
-no idea. too many.
7. What is your favorite software program?
8. How many music cd's do you own?
-also too many
9. How many memes do you participate in on a regular basis?
10. Name 3 blogs that you have on your 'blogroll' list. (any 3.)
- randomly, Happyfunblog, ST's Family, and Who Killed Teresa

Tuesday Twosome
What are the first two things you do:

1. When you are lied to?
-feel hurt
-get angry
2. When you make a mistake?
-get angry
-try to fix it
3. When you embarrass yourself in public?
-see if anyone saw
-act like I meant to do that
4. When you see someone make a fool of themselves?
-try not to laugh
-usually laugh
5. When you realize you have hurt someone
-feel bad

Thursday Threesome
Onesome: School-- Since the school year seems to be over (your mileage may vary: some of you are already in summer sessions!): what was your favorite year in school? Yeah, the one you had the best time in or learned something special or had that learning breakthrough?
-I had a blast all throughout high school. I guess I had the most fun my junior year before my friends graduated.

Twosome: Bus-- Hey, how did you get to school in the early years? Walk? Bike? Mommy van? Bus? ...and for those still attending, how are you getting to and fro these days?
-my mom would drive me

Threesome: Stop-- ...and when did you stop going to school? ...or did you? Are you still at it? Any plans to go back for those who are out of the system?
-I stopped after 2 years of college. I got a job that paid tuition after being there for a year. I figured I'd take a break then get my tuition paid for. Then I got a job as a flight attendant, moved to Phoenix, came back, had Brianna, etc. etc. and I haven't gone back.

That's it for now! Have a great day, all!

feeling: lazy
listening to: Beastie Boys(Ch-Check it Out) yes, again.
what I should be doing instead of blogging: watering the lawn

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