Saturday, June 12, 2004

my toys

Brianna is always asking me about when I was a little girl. She wants to know the names of my teachers, my friends, what I played with. etc. Lately, she's been really curious about my toys. It's funny that she likes a lot of the same toys that I liked when I was her age such as Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty, and My Little Pony. She thinks it's really ridiculous that I loved Monchhichis, though. She says it's silly to have a monkey doll. I guess. The one toy that I loved and no one seems to remember is Poochie. I loved that little dog. I had a plush doll, stationary, rubber stamp sets, and books. I found that site and was showing it to Brianna when I realized just how many 80's toys I'd forgotten about. I also had a couple of Serendipity books, Rose Petal Place characters, and Maple Town dolls. Do you remember these? Any toys you remember as a kid?

feeling: nostalgic
watching: Newlyweds
what I should be doing instead of blogging: helping Rodrigo write a speech

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