Wednesday, July 14, 2004


It's not that I'm suffering from blogger burnout, I simply just haven't had time to post like I'd like to. This week I worked
1-9:30 on Monday, 9:45-6 on Tuesday, and 8-6 today. I don't go to work tomorrow but there's a lot of stuff to do around the house. You know, I was looking for a PART TIME job to avoid this exact thing but I'm getting full time hours. What's more is that I feel guilty about not being with Brianna and Alec all day like I used to be. I miss them.
My workplace is weird. There is a definite split between the "older ladies" and the "young girls". I happen to be in the latter in case you're wondering. I'm working retail. I've never been in that sort of setting so maybe that's the problem. We don't get paid on commission but you are expected to maintain a level of sales for raises or promotions. Well, the older ladies have this vulture attitude of wanting to hoard all the customers that walk in. I really believe that a few of them missed their calling as used car "salesmen". The ladies believe that as long as they said hi to someone, that person is their customer. We see it differently. If you are helping someone, not just saying hi, then that is your customer. Everyone else can be rung up be anyone. There are a few ladies who will stand around greeting everyone that walks in while we're off helping someone pick sizes or styles, then the vultures come and tell us, "That's my customer, that's my customer, and that's my customer". There has been a few instances where some of the vultures come running when we're ringing up a customer and yell, "You took my customer!" Yes, in front of the people. They will stand there and argue about a $20 sale even after the customer say no one was helping them. As long as they said hi, that's their sale. I hate that type of attitude but at least I know that not everyone there is like that. It's just that the few that are ruin it for everyone else. The rest of us get along really well and help each other out. But you know, there is always some sort of drama. Especially in a department made up completely of women.

feeling: nagging about work
watching: Conan O'Brien
what I should be doing instead of blogging: washing dishes

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