Friday, July 23, 2004


I'm no longer going to apologize for taking long in between posts. By now you all probably know that I've been busy. I came to post today and just noticed that blogger changed again. Whoa! These are good changes!

Brianna is in California right now and I miss her. She and my parents left on Wednesday. Yesterday they called me from Universal Studios and today they are going to Disneyland. She's very excited but I miss her. She's barely five and this is going to be the fifth time she goes to Disneyland. Originally they were going to spend a few days in San Francisco but a change of plans made them stay in SoCal.

Incubus is coming back in concert on Sept. 8th. The last time they came I had just found out I was pregnant with Alec so we always say that Incubus was his first concert. Anyway, I was home yesterday morning and Jose Pasillas (the drummer) was on one of our morning radio shows. Rodrigo called me from the road and told me that they were about to give away some tickets and that I should listen and call in. I turned on the radio but the question was about the interview. I hadn't listened, so I didn't know the answer. Rodrigo called back and told me the answer was "Halo" (which video game they play on the tour bus) so I started calling. I kept redialing but couldn't get through. Finally I hear the dj say "We're here with Rod on the line. Rod, do you know the answer? . . . . . " Rodrigo got through and won. Yea! So we're going to see Incubus again.

Anyway, I've got a few things to do before I start getting for work, so I'll close now. Have a great Friday!

feeling: upset at a telemarketer
watching: The Today Show
what I should be doing instead of blogging: making the bed

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