Thursday, July 01, 2004

six degrees of separation

You've all heard about six degrees of separation, right? It is the theory that you can reach anyone in the world by six people. For example, if I wanted to reach the pope then I think my friend who works for the catholic diocese might know a bishop or something who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows the pope. I think this theory is probably true but I don't think there's a sure way to prove it seeing as to how we don't know everyone someone else knows. I mean, I am not aware of everyone who is related to my friends or everyone they know. Lately, though, it seems that a lot of people that I meet are relatives or friends of someone else I know. One of my new co-worker's niece was a really good friend of mine in high school. Another co-worker has a daughter in the same school as Brianna. Granted, we all live in the same city, but still. Then this morning as Rodrigo was getting ready for work, I was in the living room watching VH1. It was early and I had the day off so I was just bumbing around. I started flipping through channels and saw someone that looked familiar. I saw a girl on "A Baby Story" and thought I'd seen her before. Then I saw her husband and realized I "knew" her from blogging. I told Rodrigo, "Hey! That's Rubber Sol! (That is you, right, Leslie?) I thought, "I know her!" (Of course, not personally, but I "know" her). I kept watching then I felt like I was invading their privacy, so I stopped after the epidural and continued when their daughter was born.
So, Leslie, what a wonderful thing to have that experience documented that way. It was very sweet. Especially at the end when you're with your husband and your daughter.
So, there's the theory again. Through blogging, I "met" Alex who led me to Giao who led me to Leslie whom I saw on tv.
Columbia University has a study trying to prove this theory. I've been participating in it but not all the emails get passed along. So far, I haven't reached my targets. If you want to participate, you can find the Small World Project here. Have a good night, all!

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