Friday, August 06, 2004

Congratulations Denise and Arturo!

This past Saturday we attended my friend Denise's wedding. What can I say? It was absolutely lovely! I can't remember a prettier wedding. Yes, I love casual weddings and outdoor weddings but this one was indoors and totally formal. First of all it was held over in Juarez at a beautiful convention center named Cibeles. If you take a look at that picture, their ballroom was actually up those stairs, so just walking in everything was already lovely. We walked in right as Denise and Arturo were about to walk in. Their pastor married them in a very sweet ceremony. After that, we had a delicious dinner. We were first served a salad with apples and almonds (after the drinks, of course). Then we had a spinach-stuffed chicken breast with a cheese sauce over it, some scalloped potatoes, julienne carrots and crescent rolls. All very, very good. The ballroom looked amazing. The tables had lime green table cloths with a smaller white lace table cloth over it. The centerpieces were high above the tables and were lovely floral arrangements consisting of red roses, orange gerber daisies, other flowers and lemons with four candles on the outside. The bridesmaids also wore lime green and a pink rose pin. The band played well and the whole mood was just very classy. After a while we had cake and coffee while Denise and Arturo were being congratulated by all. Overall it was just a very lovely evening. They looked so happy and everything turned out beautifully. I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Now, on an opposite note, have any of you caught the new Bravo show Things I Hate About You? I've caught all three episodes so far and I think its hilarious! It is a show where couples present video of their mate doing annoying things and judges determine who is the most annoying person to live with and who is a saint. Now whenever either Rodrigo or I do something annoying the other one says, "You see why I would win?" I'm pretty sure I'd win, but I think everyone who goes on that show thinks the same way. On the other hand, I'm not sure if I'd want to know what things are annoying about me. I'd probably get mad. Anyway, try to catch it if you haven't already. That's it for now!

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