Thursday, October 28, 2004

gerber fruit containers

I love these little containers that Gerber baby foods are coming in now. I use a lot of the fruit ones for Alec and I've saved a bunch of the containers. I'm always looking for little boxes for treats and these are perfect.

I cut up little pieces of orange and black tissue paper and pasted them around the containers with mod podge. Since the tissue is so thin, getting them to stick was a breeze. I'm filling them with candy, adding a little label and some curling ribbon to the lid and that's it. Cute and easy.
Are you all also busy with Halloween or did everyone not procrastinate like me. Well, Brianna volunteered me to take the cupcakes and treats to her classroom, so I can't really bake in advance. I have to finish everything by tonight since tomorrow its "Halloween observed" at work and school then its off to the Halloween parties and carnival this weekend!

feeling: busy
watching: The Today Show
what I should be doing instead of blogging: making labels

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