Monday, November 01, 2004

halloween weekend

We had a fun Halloween weekend. Brianna dressed up for school on Friday and looked really cute in her (store bought) witch costume. Here she is with her friend Melody.

I dressed up for work and won our mini costume contest. Our theme was "Time Warp". It was easy to win because everyone who talked about the cool costume they would wear ended up just doing the "80's" and wearing jeans and an off the shoulder sweater or skirts with wide belts. I wore a 50's dress with poodle skirt, the black & white saddle shoes, pony tail with scarf and a pink scarf around my neck. Yes, I looked really 50's.
Saturday we went to a Halloween birthday party for my "compadre" (my children's godfather. I just realized there's no English translation). I got Rodrigo to dress up. I couldn't believe it! He was a scarecrow and the outfit looked pretty cool. My nephew Darian was sent a real military suit from his aunt and he looked cute too. Here he is smiling too hard with my mom.

The party was really fun. They had a lot of silly games and its always fun to be dumb and watch everyone being dumb with you. I only won one game where we had to find a piece of gum in some whipped cream and make a bubble (without using your hands).
Sunday we went to a Halloween carnival. I was a little disappointed because everything was so expensive. A can of soda was $2.00 and that was about the cheapest thing. The kids were in the costume contest (which we also had to pay for) and they just got certificates. Alec looked adorable in a Dumbo costume but when I looked over all the pictures we took, none show him completely. I'll have to ask my mom for her pics.
After that, my mom, my brother, my grandma's and Rodrigo's brother came over to our house. We took the kids trick or treating and about a million kids came for candy here. I had *a lot* of candy which I figured we'd be eating well into November but it all ran out by 7:30. Anyway, that was my weekend. How was yours?

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