Tuesday, November 09, 2004

satin skin

I am obsesssed (among other things) with smelling good and having smooth skin. With two kids running around, I hardly have time to pamper myself and do a whole skin ritual. I had time for a bath tonight. A real, "use ten million products" bath. I've tried a lot of cleansers and exfoliators but one line I really like is Mary Kay's Satin Hands and Body. I first received a little gift set from a friend and have since grown to love it! This are the only Mary Kay products I use, but I really recommend them. I thought I'd share that with you but now, I'm going to get ready for bed because that warm bath totally relaxed me!
Oh, can anyone recommend a good facial moisturizer for sensitive skin? My face is super-sensitive and I'll get a rash with anything harsh but its also dry. Nice combination, huh? Anyway, good night, all.

feeling: relaxed
watching: Local News
what I should be doing instead of blogging: sleeping

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