Thursday, November 18, 2004

uno, dos, tres, catorce

My *ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND IN THE WORLD- EVER!* , U2 is releasing their latest album next week. (Oh, and please spare me the "how they sold out" speech. I've heard it) I can't wait!!!!!! "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" will be released on the 22nd but you can hear all the tracks on their website as well as on VH1. It was illegally leaked out onto the internet before this, but I didn't download it. Really.
There's all sorts of goodies for sale on their website and yes, I want this iPOD. Throughout high school, my wall and closet doors were covered with various U2 posters and magazine cut-outs. My school folders as well. When I was 12, I was totally shocked that my parents wouldn't let me go to the Rattle & Hum concert with friends. By the time I was 16, though, I was allowed and went to the ZooTV concert. The summer before our freshmen year my best friend/neighbor used to walk to the video store, rent Rattle & Hum, watch it, go back the next day, return it and re-rent it. My mom finally bought it for me. Ahh.. memories. My senior year, I met a guy who also said that he was their #1 fan and we used to play "U2 Trivia" in class. We asked each other questions like "What high school did they meet in and form a band?" I knew more answers than he did but he totally out-U2ed me when he had some lyrics printed onto his graduation name cards. Argh! And now you guys also know what a big dork I am. Were there any bands or singers that you totally loved and still do?

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