Tuesday, March 29, 2005

easter 2005

I'm still "recovering" after a long weekend. Lots of running around with the kids and visiting family for Easter. Saturday we took the kids to a Sesame Street Live show, then out to Fuddrucker's. Easter Sunday the kids were up bright and early looking to see what the Easter bunny brought them. I'd stayed up getting baskets and goodies ready for everyone. We went to Rodrigo's parent's house and then to the kids' godparent's house where my whole family was at. Click here for pictures. I was really tired yesterday but was comforted by the thought that not many people would be showing up to the bank the day after Easter. Well, not many people went but we're having a nice visit from an auditor. Heh, heh. Needless to say, we're all on our best "we're being audited" behavior. I was trying to make pleasant conversation with a regular client today. I knew he was a preacher or minister (my friends and I refer to him as "the meanest priest in the world") and asked him how his Easter was. He told me that he is Greek Orthodox and didn't celebrate Easter. Oops. He went on and on about how I've talked to him every week for months now and I didn't know what faith he was. Oops again. Now he's invited me to their Easter celebration in May but wants to give me a tutorial first. He started off with a little lecture in Julian dates. Triple oops. I think I gave our auditor lady a good chuckle, though. Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Easter. I also hope I keep my foot out of my mouth from now on. Good night.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: putting Alec in bed

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