Wednesday, April 13, 2005


A few weeks ago Rodrigo's buddy, Brian, went to California for spring break. When he came back he told his friends that he'd seen Britney Spears at club. She was supposedly partying and drinking. When Rodrigo told me this I said there was no way because she's pregnant. He reminded me how these were just rumors and told me that Brian had even taken a picture. Here is the picture that Brian emailed. (Brian is the guy on the right)

Anyway, I had a problem believing this because he happened to email the pic to Rodrigo on April 1st. Only he never did say that it was a joke. Now, I know Brian and that is definately him in the picture. It also looks like Britney. So, now that Britney finally confirmed that she is pregnant I"ve been really thinking about this picture. Could she really have been out drinking while pregnant? I mean, she must've known by this time since all the tabloids "knew" by that time. This picture was taken the last week of March. Another thing is that I kind of feel sorry for her. When most people announce that they will have a baby most everyone congratulates them and feels happy for them. With Britney everyone just thinks about how her husband Kevin is a weasel and is being a parasite off of her. Oh well. I hope all goes well for them. Especially for that baby.

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