Friday, April 15, 2005

that's sooooo funny

One of the moms at my daughter's school doesn't laugh. I swear. I think there's a Seinfeld episode about this but it is absolutely true. I have never heard her laugh. I went to get Brianna after school yesterday and this lady was standing around with another group of moms. One of the moms was telling a story and the rest of them were laughing. Except for one. She kept saying "That's soooo funny," and "That's hilarious". Not even a snicker. I picked up Brianna and went home. Later that evening we went back to school for a PTA meeting and kindergarten spring program and the lady was there again. I hadn't noticed but when we were leaving I heard someone say "That is hysterical". I turned around and it was her again talking to a group of parents. We were on our way out but then I had to laugh. I guess she's in the PTA since her son is not in kindergarten and so I'll see her there. Now my goal is to make this lady laugh.

feeling: silly
listening to: Franz Ferdinand - I don't know the name of the song
what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting ready for work

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