Monday, April 04, 2005

stuck in an elevator

There is a lady I work with that is ALWAYS late back from lunch. Always. Every day. We all mind since we all sort if take turns for lunch and not all leave until some others get back. She always takes one of first lunches and comes back about 20 minutes late. She always has great excuses but my favorite so far has been, "I went to The Lancer's Club and on the way back I was stuck in an elevator." She said that she was coming down and the elevator broke so that they kept going back up and down for 20 minutes. This was really novel since her husband is an elevator salesman. I told her she should get her husband to sell them a new one but she didn't think it was funny. The week before Easter she was out on vacation and we all used that excuse. All week the rest of that were left were late at one occasion or another mostly due to traffic. We'd call in and say "I'm stuck in an elevator!" Even our boss got into it. It's been kind of hard to stop saying it now that she's back and we've been whispering it (since she's been late several times already). Today it totally slipped from me, though. I was stuck in traffic and was about five minutes late. I didn't know she was there and said that I was stuck in an elevator. Just then I saw her coming up the stairs. She gave me the worst look and hasn't talked to me all day. Whew. I thought of apologizing but then again just like she expects us to believe all her incredible stories, she should believe it coming from me. Ha.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: having lunch

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