Sunday, May 15, 2005

happy birthday, Rodrigo

In the time that I've been with Rodrigo he has told me the following . . .

- ". . . but you're not ugly enough to be on Extreme Makeover."
- "Your pores are big."
and my favorite. . . .
- "Years from now when remember wearing that blouse, you'll think you looked ridiculous." (He really does hate that blouse.)
Sounds endearing, huh?

Then there's times when he shows up at my job to give me a Hello Kitty pencil he bought me, or takes me breakfast. There's times when I'm really tired and he tells me to go nap and he'll watch the kids. Times when I get home and all the dishes are washed and put away. Nights when I'm cold or can't sleep and he holds on to me and makes it the most comfortable place in the world. He is my strength, my best friend, a wonderful daddy, my favorite comedian, my free 24 hour computer repair guy (I always call him that), the man I've built a home around and with, the unlucky guy that gets to listen to every detail of my day and just overall a person I completely adore. Happy Birthday. Te queremos mucho.

Now, I will totally embarrass him with a picture from one of his previous birthdays.

feeling: in a birthday mood
watching: morning news
what I should be doing instead of blogging: making breakfast

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