Tuesday, July 05, 2005

are you more. . . . . . ?

We had a great fourth of July weekend. Hope you did the same. The only thing is that now I have to go back to work and I'm not looking forward to that. I'll post some pictures taken this weekend once I get them sorted. Meanwhile, I found this at Gossip Lounge. Play along if you'd like. . . . . .

Are you more. . .

01) A person who could dance all night at a club or a person who would probably end up sitting, drinking, and watching others dance?
At a club, definately dancing. At someplace like a wedding, I like to watch. I like to see people being silly and having a good time.

02) Left brain or right brain?
Left, I guess.

03) Chocolate covered almonds or honey roasted peanuts?
I like almonds more than peanuts, so I'll have to go with the chocolate covered almonds. I'm not one of those chocolate crazed girls, but still.

04) Apt to speak in the most descriptive manner possible or apt to speak in the most concise manner possible?
Most descriptive. I tend to talk too much and sometimes say more than needed just to make sure people get the picture.

05) Austin Powers or Dr. Evil?
Austin Powers because I think I'm hot and I'm really a big dork, baby. (Heh, heh.)

06) Likely to staple (because it's sure even if hard to remove) or likely to use a paper clip (because it's quick and easily undone)?
Staple. Just to make sure things are not lost.

07) One who would go (or has gone) to a science fiction convention or one who would/will never go to a science fiction convention?
Have never gone to one. Probably will never go.

08) Loving pizza with ALL toppings or loving a pepperoni pizza?
Just pepperoni.

09) A vowel or a consonent?
A vowel. They give a word "personality".

10) Likely to exercise because it's good for you or likely to exercise because you want to look as good as possible?
Pssh, just to look good.

feeling: lazy
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what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting my clothes ready

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