Sunday, July 17, 2005

brianna's back

Brianna is back from California! We're busy sorting through the all the souvenirs she brought home, watching home video and hearing about the trip. And hearing about the trip. Then hearing about the trip. Finally hearing about the trip. Have I ever mentioned that my daughter can talk non-stop? She spent yesterday in Phoenix and she's telling me about it as though I didn't live there. It's cute. She's been to California every year since she was two years old but you'd think it was the first time she's ever gone with the way she's still excited. The only difference this time is that she is more tan than she's ever been. I'll post pictures as soon as I can get them from my mom. She PROMISED to make digital copies for me. We'll see. . . For now, I have to go put Brianna in bed. She is super tired. Good night, all.

feeling: glad Brianna is back
watching: The Surreal Life
what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting Brianna ready for bed

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