Friday, July 15, 2005

weekend plans

My boyfriend has a new movie out today. I can't wait. He loves me. :P
The new Harry Potter book is out tomorrow. I haven't kept up with them but my mom has. I preorder them for her and we go to the midnight celebration at the book store. We won't be going this year since my mom is still not in town. Still, I have friends and friends' children who can't wait until tomorrow.
I want to watch March of the Penguins. I wanted to take my daughter but I heard it is really, really sad and little kids should probably not watch it. Has anyone seen it? It's not playing here yet.
My daughter gets back on Sunday. Sunday is also my grandma's birthday. We want to take her out since she does soooooo much for us.
Throughout the weekend I'm going to finish packing up things I had left out like the rest of our clothes and dishes. We also need to get our utilities transfered over. Before we move, though, I want to go to the new house and give it a thorough cleaning. Oh, and I also have to set up delivery dates for some appliances. There's so much to do.
It's Friday. It's payday. It's my day off!!!!!! Hope your day is great.

feeling: still busy
listening to: Caifanes (Afuera)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: going to the dry cleaners

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