Thursday, August 25, 2005

airhead yvett

I don't consider myself a stupid person by any means. In fact, I'd like to think I'm kind of smart. Only sometimes the stupidest things come out of my mouth. Not just little "oopsies" but big old stupid sentences.

-When I was in flight attendant training we were being trained on how to handle and care for unaccompanied minors (little kids traveling alone). We were told that for some reason the flight that had the most minors was the flight to Ontario. There, a lot of fathers greeted their kids who would spend summers with them. I said "I guess after the divorce all these men just moved to Canada." The instructor laughed and explained we were talking about Ontario, California. We didn't even fly to Ontario Canada.

-Again while flying someone explained to us that if a person got sick on a flight and happened to vomit on the floor we should pour coffee on it. That way it wouldn't smell bad. I was confused and asked "Won't that just make a bigger mess?" I didn't realize they meant coffee grounds.

-While living in Phoenix, I went to a Japanese restaurant with a bunch of friends. I ordered a meal that came with California rolls only I didn't read the "California" part. When my meal came, I told the waitress, "Uh, you forgot my bread." She smiled like she felt sorry for me.

-A group of friends and I were looking at Rodrigo's jacket once. I'd told them it was from Mexico and we were talking about the good leather quality from Guanajuato (a state in Mexico that exports a lot of leather). One friend asked, "Es de Leon?" ("Is it from Leon?" Which is a city in Guanajuato. Also the word for "lion.") I replied, "No, es de borrego." ("No, it's lamb.") They still don't let that one go.

I remembered all these things because I was telling Rodrigo about my California roll story. He asked if I'd been serious when I asked. Unfortunately, I was.

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listening to: Gorillaz (Feel Good Inc.) <- I think I'd like this song more if it weren't for that guy laughing. It annoys me. Plus, whenever I hear it I feel like pulling out my iPod.
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